Anyone who knows me knows that my biggest dream was to visit Lebanon, and I was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to go there. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint. From the bustling cities to the picturesque mountain villages, Lebanon is a country rich in history, culture, and beauty. It was great to learn about the almost five thousand year history that preserves the stories of the Phoenicians, see the Roman ruins up close and visit wineries. We had already planned to go there twice, but there were always some problems and we ended up cancelling it. On one of these occasions, a friend who is also a blogger positively recommended a super-competent Lebanon Tour Guide in English and Arabic. Everyone was praising Mohamed’s services

So, I contacted him a few times, even without having anything scheduled.

Anyway, when we finally decided to visit Lebanon, we hired Mohamed’s services.

Even though we didn’t feel any insecurity in the country and we didn’t see anything that caused fear, it’s important to have the support of a guide during the tours. Mainly because we don’t speak Arabic. Also, as I traveled with my elderly mother and my 4-year-old daughter, it was very important to have someone from the city nearby.

At Jeita Grotto's entrance with our leabnese guide Mohamed.
Lebanon Tour Guide in English
Jeita Grotto’s entrance with lebanese guide Mohamed

And we recommend Mohamed’s company – Be My Guest Tours – with our eyes closed.

Lebanon Tour Guide in English: SERVICE

One of the highlights of my trip was my Lebanese guide. He was not only knowledgeable about the country and its history, but he was also passionate about sharing his love for Lebanon with us. He took us off the beaten path and showed us the hidden gems of the country that we never would have found on our own. It was truly an unforgettable experience

Mohamed offers tours throughout Lebanon and also Syria (we did this tour with him too). He was extremely knowledgeable about the history, culture and current political situation of both countries, and was able to give us a deep understanding of the complexities of the region. He was able to take us to places that are off the beaten track and showed us the true beauty and diversity of the area.

For this reason, the company has the support of other professionals who know the city and Lebanese history as well.

We took the hotel transfer with him and it was great. He picked us up and took us to the airport, and on top of that, Mohamed stayed with us every day of the tour.

And here it is worth mentioning that, although neither of them speak Portuguese (they speak fluent English, we understood everything and managed to communicate perfectly well), the reception was top notch.

We didn’t have any trouble or difficulties on our arrival in Lebanon although arriving in a land with an unknown alphabet and hearing people speaking Arabic or mixed English can be challenging for anyone. No matter how much we research in advance, reality is always different.

Concern for the visitor

Arriving at the hotel, late at night (oops, almost morning, as it was already two o’clock in the morning), Mohamed still indicated some security procedures and helped us with our check in at the hotel. And our hotel had an excellent location. Near a big shopping center with plenty of great restaurants options.

Sympathy that made the difference:

His passion for the region and his people was evident in the way he led the tour. He was always happy to answer our questions and gave us a real sense of the history and culture of the area. And he was also very flexible and accommodating the itinerary according to our preferences, which made us feel like we were on a personalized tour.

Lebanon Tour Guide in English

He is a guide that really care for the visitors. The professionalism was such that they did not forget anything. It was Mohamed himself who added his WhatsApp contact to my cell phone so that there was no communication problem. And he even provided us with an local simCard.

Mohammed also made sure that we were always safe and comfortable, and went out of his way to make sure that we had a great experience.

English speaking guide Mohamed accompanied us everywhere. Even in personal moments like when buying medicine at a pharmacy. He spoke in Arabic and told us the price in English.

We didn’t worry about anything during the days in Lebanon and our Syria tour. He got it all covered.

Lebanon Tour Guide in English

Guided Tours to Lebanon and Syria

The guide helped us immerse ourselves in the history of Lebanon with all the propriety of someone who knows what he is talking about. He loves Lebanon and want you to love it too.

Lebanon Tour Guide in English

Guide in English in Lebanon: our itinerary in the country and in Beirut with Mohamed

We stayed about 08 days in Lebanon and 2 days in Syria, we did a basic tour, but very complete. Paid each day with the price previously agreed upon which was very reasonable one. Including guidelines, driving, fuel and car.

According to Mohamed, the tour was what 99% of tourists do in Lebanon, visiting the main attractions:

Our first stop was the capital city of Beirut, also known as the “Paris of the Middle East.” The city is a mix of modern skyscrapers and ancient ruins, and our guide showed us the perfect balance of both. We strolled through the charming old city, where we visited the famous Souk al-Tawileh, a traditional market where we shopped for Lebanese souvenirs.

We visited the amazing roman ruins of Baalbek then headed to the Bekaa Valley, known for its fertile farmland and delicious Lebanese cuisine. Our guide took us to a traditional winery where we sampled some of Lebanon’s famous wines and learned about the wine-making process. We also had the opportunity to try some of the local delicacies, including kibbeh, sfiha and tabbouleh.

Me, my mother and 4 yo daughter at the ruins of Baalbek in Lebanon
Lebanon Tour Guide in English
Roman ruins of Baalbek in Lebanon

Lebanon Tour Guide in English

We traveled to the south of Lebanon and visited phoenicians cities of Sidon and Tyr. Our guide showed us the souks and helped us try some of the delicious street food before ending our tour.

Went to see Jeita Grotto, a huge cave complex which was also one of the finalists in the New 7 Wonders of Nature. After that the Ski resort area of Faraya where my daughter could play with real snow, just a few kilometers from the Mediterranean.

Next day, we headed to Byblos, also known as Jbeil, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Our guide gave us a tour of the ancient ruins and the charming old town, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. He also shared with us the history of the city and how it has evolved over the centuries.

After Byblos, we went to tour in the city of Tripoli, known for its beautiful old city and historic souks.

Finally, we headed to the Chouf Mountains, known for its scenic beauty and traditional villages. Also home of the famous Libanese Cedar Trees, which decorates the country flag. Our guide took us to the picturesque village of Deir el-Qamar, which is known for its medieval architecture and beautiful views.

The tour in Syria:

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Lebanon Tour Guide in English
Visiting St. Anania’s house in Damascus with our syrian and lebanese guides

Our trip to Syria should be featured in a whole new post but I’ll leave here now a simplified version:

Our lebanese guide arranged earlier all the paperwork and visa needed for approval to enter Syria,

We had to pay a Syrian visa fee upon arrival at Syrian border (25 usd at the time)

– Transfer from the hotel in Beirut to Damascus city.

– Full day city sightseeing of old Damascus with our tourist guide.

– Entrance fees to the tourist sites.

– Transfer from Damascus city to the hotel in Beirut same day.

– Departure tax at Syrian border.

The following services were not included :

– Syrian visa fee upon arrival.

– Meals and drinks.

– All kind of insurances.

On our second day in Syria, Mohamed helped us on including a trip to Maalula and Sednaya before heading back to Beirut.

Lebanon and Syria tour overall

In addition to this personalized and impecable service, the prices charged for the packages were all very affordable. It’s well worth making a personalized quote with him and saying you found him on Elizabeth’s blog.

As I said, we were driven by Mohamed, and he personally went on all the tours.

Guide in English in Lebanon- Be My Guest Tours – Mohamed

Instagram: @tourwithmohamed

Whatsapp: + 961 70 650 246