Are you going to Porto Seguro, Brazil and Costa do Descobrimento (the Discovery Coast)? So probably someone recommended you to visit the super famous Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach), located in Trancoso, Bahia. Find out here how to get there, when to go, restaurants and where to stay on one of the best beaches in Bahia, Brazil.

This region is one of the most visited in Brazil.

Mirror Beach Trancoso
Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach), Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

It is currently one of the most desired beaches in Brazil (and together with its neighbor Trancoso, one of the most expensive). The accommodations on the sand with lush vegetation and colorful cliffs and at night they are presented with a charming atmosphere, by candlelight. The destination is very suitable for honeymoon couples.

Oh, and the super calm and warm beach, at low tide is extremely suitable for children and babies.

Why is it called Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach)?

Did you know that “Praia do Espelho” is an affectionate nickname for a cove called “Praia do Curuípe”?

The nickname “Praia do Espelho” came about for 3 reasons:

  1. by the effect caused by the reflections of the Sun in the natural pools (at low tide);
  2. even at low tide, the calm sea takes on silver reflections at the time of the full moon;
  3. the nature around the beach reflects like a mirror

Where is Espelho Beach?

Praia do Espelho is located in the city of Porto Seguro, on the border of 2 districts of that city: Trancoso and Caraíva, in the south of Bahia, Brazil. However, when you book an inn over there, the address comes out as Praia de Curuípe, which is also the name of Praia do Espelho.

From the historic center of Trancoso to Praia do Espelho it is about 26.5 km; From the “Passarela do Álcool” (centrinho of Porto Seguro) to here it is about 50 km.

See on the map:

Mirror Beach Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

How to get to Praia do Espelho, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

I was staying in Porto Seguro and had a car. If you go by car, the best route is through Arraial d’Ajuda. Take the road towards Itaporanga: there are about 30 km of asphalt and another 10 km of off road road (aka dirt road). Then, walk another 5 km until a roundabout, turning left and continue following the signs for Praia do Espelho and Outeiro das Brisas. Ah, in these last 5 km there will be several signs saying Praia do Espelho, but that actually take you to private parking lots. I suggest you call your inn to ask for information about your route.

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If you are coming from the south of the state, take the exit towards Monte Pascoal, then walk for about 50 km (off road) to Caraíva, and then another 20 km (dirt road), finally it takes you to the interchange to Mirror Beach.

If you are coming from the north of the state, on the BR-101, head towards Eunápolis and drive about 80 km on asphalt until near Trancoso, where a part of the 15 km dirt road begins until the roundabout.

And finally if you are coming by bus you can go, from the ferry in Arraial d’Ajuda to Praia do Espelho. It’s about an hour’s drive.

Mirror Beach Trancoso, Brazil
Mirror beach in high tide. Photo by influencer @najila.viajando

Tip: In addition to Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach), I suggest you read the article about all the beaches in Trancoso, written by the Blog Leve na Viagem. The information is very useful and very well explained. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to plan their vacation in this paradise in a very complete way.

When to visit Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach), Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Well, the 7 times I went there were always in July. And despite being hot and sunny all year round, in the northeast of Brazil in general, from March to early August there are episodes of sparse rains (or not).

Between the months of September and October, temperatures are a little milder. So, it’s better to go in the low season, which revolves around spring and autumn, when the sand is practically just for you.

However, in addition to being aware of the rainy season, it is important to be smart about the tide table. Because, at low tide, the experience on the beach and also in the sea changes a lot, and for the better.

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Praia do espelho Trancoso Bahia
Where to Eat
Mirror Beach Trancoso, Brazil
Who noticed a puddle of water on the ground caused by the rains of July. The rain didn’t stop the trip.
Little church in Trancoso de São João Batista.
Built in 1656, the little church is very popular for holding charming weddings.

What to do in Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach), Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil?

It is important to mention that Praia do Espelho is famous, but the interesting thing is that many lodgings, bars and some restaurants are located on Praia de Curuípe. That is, Praia do Espelho is very quiet, and is located right after the creek.

In fact, as I said earlier, they are considered the same beach.

Praia do espelho Trancoso Bahia;
Mirror Beach Trancoso, Brazil
There was a stream in the middle of the way….Praia do Mirror, Photo by influencer @najila.viajando

Contemplation of the cliffs and nature:

There are beautiful cliffs here. Many people climb the cliffs and take beautiful pictures. I suggest seeing site security before venturing out.

Dating (lol):

The famous Praia dos Amores is also located there. When the tide is high it disappears, and its name originated from this: the couples were dating, then when the tide was high they were trapped and ended up being caught (jeez).

Visiting other beaches and enjoying the natural pools (at low tide):

The surroundings have several beautiful beaches. Praia do Outeiro, (called Setiquara) is very beautiful and I recommend a visit. Always remember, when planning your trip to the northeast of Brazil, to check the tide table before buying your tickets, okay?

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Praia do espelho Trancoso Bahia.
Where to Eat
Mirror Beach Trancoso, Brazil
Photo by influencer @najila.viajando Follow her on instagram

Where to stay in Praia do Espelho?

The entire region has several accommodation options, ranging from charming hotels and boutique inns to hostels and inns with excellent value for money. The northeast of Brazil, in general, is very democratic, especially in relation to the value of accommodation. Check it out:

Romantic lodgings: where to stay in Praia do Espelho

1- Casa de Iemanjá: Full season house • 2 bedrooms • 1 living room • 2 bathrooms • 98m². It is by the sea and is 1 km from the center of Trancoso: See the photos and the daily rate, click here.

2- Pousada Bendito Seja: A boutique hotel with charm and rusticity without losing its foot-in-the-sand vibe. Suitable for romantic trips, especially for honeymooners. See photos, details and prices by clicking here. (where to stay in Praia do Espelho)

3-  Pousada Enseada do Espelho: With lower lodging rates than the previous one, it also has a high standard, with plenty of charm and comfort. Located super by the sea, it is reputed to have a fabulous breakfast. See photos and prices here. (where to stay in Praia do Espelho)

4- Pousada Outeiro: (where to stay in Praia do Espelho Mirror Beach)

This charming inn is on top of a cliff (imagine the top view!). The accommodation offers a swimming pool, gardens, bars and restaurants. It is located inside the Outeiro das Brisas Condominium. See the price and photos of Pousada Outeiro here. (where to stay in Praia do Espelho)

5- Maion Hotel e Boutique: If you are not sure where to stay, this boutique hotel is located in Praia do Espelho and 400 meters from Praia dos Amores, this accommodation offers charm and comfort with a hotel atmosphere on the sand. See price and photos here.

6- Hotel Calá & Divino:  Incredible place and rooms overlooking the wonderful sea of ​​Bahia. The services of this charming lodging include kayaks, bicycles, as well as an excellent restaurant offering regional cuisine. It has free WiFi. See photos and prices here.

Good value for money accommodation: where to stay in Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach Trancoso)

7-  Hospedaria dedo de moça; Friendly and excellent value, rooms at the inn feature a private bathroom, air conditioning, a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi. See photos and prices here.

Where to Eat at Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach Trancoso), Trancoso, Bahia

As the accommodations are differenced, the best places to eat are exactly at the inns. They are highly recommended: Bendito Seja; Enseada do Espelho; do Baiano and do Outeiro.

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Praia do espelho Trancoso Bahia, Brazil.
Mirror Beach Trancoso
Bendito Seja Bistro

The ones located on the beach, da Silvinha, Quiosque Pôr do Sol, Restaurante Paraíso and Quiosque Meu Peixinho.

How to save on Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach Trancoso)

A good way to save money, the best way is to visit Praia do Espelho and stay in Porto Seguro, Trancoso, Caraíva or Arraial d`Ajuda.

Praia do espelho Trancoso Bahia, Brazil
Mirror Beach Trancoso
Where to Eat
photo: Najila

Is it worth visiting Praia do Espelho (Mirror Beach), in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil?

Definitely worth it! The beach is of extreme exuberant beauty. At low tide, it is possible to be dazzled by the rich marine life of the place (bring your snorkel).

Praia do Espelho has been elected several times as one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. The entire region is a reference in preservation. Far from the hustle that the region is famous for, Praia do Espelho has an idyllic setting, which we are used to when visiting picturesque beaches in the northeast. The sand is white and soft, the water is clear and warm, corals and fish, coconut trees, cliffs and soooo charming hotels.

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Have you ever visited Praia do Espelho? Write in the comments what you thought.